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Reduced Fee Children's Clinic

You are welcome to book your child in for any available appointment with me but I run a Reduced Fee Children’s Clinic in Forest Row on Tuesdays 3-6pm. The atmosphere is informal with plenty of toys available. I am experienced in treating children as about half of my consultations are with under 16s.

Homeopathy for Children

Homeopathy can be beneficial for children with a wide range of health problems, physical and emotional. An audit of my practice shows that common reasons for parents to bring their child to me include teething, eczema and other skin problems, asthma, hay fever, recurrent infections, glue ear, tummy aches, poor sleep, anxiety and support at times of change or stress.

Children with Special Needs

I have developed a particular interest in supporting children with special needs. My approach is practical and individually tailored.

We will start from what your child most needs help with now and explore their individual symptoms and personality in relation to this. In the longer-term, I would hope to help your child make the most of their potential.

Parents regularly ask me to:

  • provide support with challenging emotions, such as anxiety, anger or meltdowns

  • pay particular attention to sleep or food issues

  • assist with managing physical health problems (long-standing or as they arise)

  • help their child with difficulties they believe stem from vaccinations or other medication side effects

  • look at enhancing their child’s overall well-being

Homeopathy is ideal if you are looking for holistic support to enhance your child’s well-being alongside conventional health care and I will encourage you to remain in contact with your mainstream healthcare professionals.

Experience with children with special needs

As a homeopath, I have been working with this group of children for 15 years. My interest and knowledge has also grown through volunteering: with children with complex physical disabilities, with sensory impairments, with autism and with other additional needs.

I have worked with youngsters with a range of diagnoses: autism spectrum disorder (ASD) (including what was formerly called Asperger Syndrome), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), cerebral palsy (CP) and Down's Syndrome (DS), also with children with less common diagnoses as well as with those not yet diagnosed.


I offer consultations remotely by Zoom or Skype, as well as at my clinic in Sussex. You may well find a remote consultation an easier option, so you and your child can be in the comfort of your own home.

Some children will only need a few appointments at monthly intervals to get significant improvements. For others, parents may choose to book appointments as required for ongoing support over a longer period.

If you would like to talk to me about child's needs and ask me questions, please book a free 20 minute phone call.

Parent's Comments

"He's doing amazingly well. It's really helping him in every area. He's calmer and happier, screaming less. He's been playing with toys. He never played with toys before the remedy. School are also saying they can't believe the difference."

"Homeopathy with Gill Marshall has been incredibly beneficial for my son who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3.

Gill has treated my son for behavioural difficulties, anxiety, sleeping and sensory issues for many years. He is now 15 and still sees Gill regularly. Homeopathy has helped him very much when he is going through difficult times as it helps to calm and bring him back to an even balance.

He is very good at letting Gill know how he is feeling now and she helps him to discuss his feelings so she can appropriately treat him as to what he needs at that moment in time. Gill understands my son very well and he trusts her.
Thank you, Gill."

"I first met Gill just after my husband and I had welcomed our youngest child into the world. It was a very traumatic experience as he was born clinically dead and had a real fight on his hands to survive. Survive he did and whilst he has some issues, he is a miracle and a force of nature and we are blessed to have him.

Gill has treated all of our family at various times including our youngest, has been lovely to all of us, and her treatments have helped us all in different ways."

(The testimonials on this website represent the personal opinions of patients and should not be taken as evidence that homeopathy works. I am not allowed by the Advertising Standards Authority to claim that homeopathy can treat any specific medical conditions.)

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