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Gill Marshall HOMEOPATHY BA MSECH RSHom Registered Homeopath

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Forest Row Osteopathic Clinic
13 Hartfield Road, Forest Row, East Sussex. RH18 5DN.
01342 823722
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Map of the clinic location

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During your first consultation there will be plenty of time for you to talk about your health and how you would like homeopathy to help you. I aim to listen carefully to this and also come to know something of you as a person. I will then consider all this information and suggest an individually tailored treatment plan. I usually recommend an appointment to review progress 4 weeks later. Subsequent consultations may be at intervals of 1-6 months, depending on your needs.

Remote Consultations
Consultations can be by remote video call (Zoom or Skype) if that is more convenient for you than a clinic visit. If you have any questions about using Zoom or Skype, just get in touch.


I am available for consultations on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and either Friday or Saturday each week. (Mondays and Thursdays are for writing blogs and newsletters, preparing for consultations, working on your cases & continuing professional development.)

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Consultation Fees

Normal Fees:
First Full Consultation: £80 (€95 / $115)
Subsequent Consultation: £52 (€65 / $75)

Reduced Fee Children’s Clinic:
(child aged 15 or under, Tuesdays 3-6pm at the clinic)

First Full Consultation: £60
Subsequent Consultation: £38

Minor illness Advice:
£20 (free for 4 weeks after a consultation)
Email advice / phone appointment (up to 15 mins) for a minor illness that started recently. We will focus on current symptoms only.

book an appointment

After your consultation, I will email you a prescription and suggest pharmacies from which you can order your homeopathic remedies. (A typical cost for a remedy is about £5).

For clinic appointments, I can often supply remedies, so please just ask if this would suit you better.

I may also prescribe Homeobotanicals (organic herbs) and these cost £20.

Advice after your consultation:
Consultation fees include phone calls / emails for advice for 4 weeks after your appointment.

Paying for your consultation
For clinic appointments, payment is due at the end of the consultation and may be by cash or card.
For remote appointments, payment is due before the consultation by electronic bank transfer.

Health Insurance:
Many health insurance companies will reimburse you for your homeopathic treatment costs. For further details, click here

Contact with your Doctor

I am a qualified homeopath and not a medical doctor. I recommend that you maintain your relationship with your GP (and any specialist doctor). Conventional and homeopathic approaches can be used alongside one another if you wish and doctors can also provide tests, diagnoses and emergency treatment if required.

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