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About Gill

I first became interested in homeopathy as a 20 year old university student and found the subject fascinating. Then I saw the power of homeopathy to support my children through childhood health problems and also to address some longer standing health issues of my own. I was hooked and decided to train as a homeopath.

I love my work and feel privileged to be able to listen to people’s life stories and challenges and work with them to help them find their own path towards health.

I qualified as a homeopath in 2002 after 4 years' training at the South East College of Homeopathy and I have been running my practice from Forest Row ever since.

I am also trained as a homeopathic supervisor and offer supervision to other homeopaths and student homeopaths.

I am registered with the Society of Homeopaths (RSHom).

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Prior to training as a homeopath, I worked as a Systems Analyst, designing computer systems to meet users’ requirements. This role has more in common with being a therapist than you might at first imagine and developed my skills as a good listener and a problem solver, working alongside people to help them meet their goals.

I am also a mother and grandmother and enjoy engaging with my younger patients, whilst understanding the challenges of parenthood.

In my homeopathy practice, I am committed to maintaining high standards and keeping up to date with the latest developments and to this end I participate in further training, peer support and supervision.

Outside homeopathy, my other passions are spending time outdoors, growing my own vegetables, then cooking and eating them, walking, running (slowly!), swimming and also family time with my husband, daughters and grandsons.

About Homeopathy


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Homeopathy is a gentle form of medicine that has been used for over 200 years. Based on the specific symptoms and personal health of each patient, a homeopath will match the most appropriate medicine to them.

This individualised approach can complement conventional medical treatment and offer you choice in how you look after your health.

Homeopathy appeals to those seeking a more natural way and can be used for everyone, from babies and children to the elderly and including women during pregnancy.

It is suitable for people with mental, emotional and physical illness.

However, you don't have to be ill to see a homeopath. People also come for a homeopathic consultation when they wish to maintain good health or are seeking support during difficult times.

Homeopathic medicines (known as remedies) are mostly made from plants and minerals. They are highly diluted and non-toxic and are usually given in the form of pills which dissolve in the mouth.

A homeopath matches a remedy to you by learning about your health and other characteristics. You may well find that this process helps you to reflect on different aspects of your health.

If you would like to read about evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathy, please look at evidence information on the websites of the Homeopathic Research Institute, Find a Homeopath or the Society of Homeopaths.


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